young World .

My name is Ashleigh. I’m not a writer, I just have a lot to say because I get lost in my brain too much. I am opinionated, and I love open dialogue. I love talking, about any and everything. I am married. I am originally from Detroit and I am a lover of life.


I am not into religion; I am into God. I am a devote believer in my faith, and I believe in God, my Creator and my Savior sent by my Creator (I call Him Christ Jesus). I don’t believe everything that is taught by man regarding Christianity and religion, but I believe that God speaks and as long as you are listening, He will let you know what He desires of you. I go to church because I love it there – I love learning about God and my faith and I feel safe there. I am not a bible throwing hypocrite, but I love to talk about faith with whoever will listen.

As a slight disclaimer, I sometimes say whatever comes to mind at the moment, no matter what it is. If I feel the need to write it, I will. With that said, sometimes updates follow closely!

Hopefully someone finds me relatively interesting, and if not……. well that’s not going to stop me from expressing myself on this here blog, so I guess that disclaimer is not even relevant….

I suppose that’s why I call it irrelevant words.