young World .

My name is Ashleigh. I’m not a writer, I just have a lot to say because I get lost in my brain too much. I am opinionated, and I love open dialogue. I love talking, about any and everything. I am married. I am originally from Detroit and no I have never seen anyone get shot ( I think that is the most ignorant question to ask someone, have you ever seen a person get shot since your from Detroit….).

I wouldn’t say that I am religious but I am a devote believer in my faith, and I believe in my Creator (I know as God) and my Savior sent by my Creator (Jesus, perhaps the prophet Muhammad, I don’t really know His name for sure – I have a lot to learn). I don’t believe everything that is taught in Christianity is pure fact, but it does align most closely with my beliefs and morals. I go to church because I love it there – I love learning more and I feel safe. I am not a bible throwing hypocrite, but I love to talk about faith with whoever will listen.IMG_20140927_171809

As a slight disclaimer, I sometimes say whatever comes to mind at the moment, no matter what it is. If I feel the need to write it, I will.

Hopefully someone finds me relatively interesting, and if not……. well that’s not going to stop me from expressing myself on this here blog, so I guess that disclaimer is not even relevant….

I suppose that’s why I call it irrelevant words.