Reasons to Tithe and I’m Not a Pastor.

Good insight! What do you all think?


I emphasize that I’m not a pastor because people have their biases when it comes to pastors talking about money. I grew up in the church. I’ve heard all the scriptures pastors used to get people to tithe—you know the ones from the Old Testament like Malachi 3:8.

At the end of the day we all die whether we tithe or don’t tithe. And we all can go to heaven whether we tithe or don’t tithe. Tithing doesn’t make you a better Christian than other Christians.

So why tithe? There are two reasons why I tithe. The practical and the spiritual.

The practical reason to tithe is because the church relies on money to run the ministry. In the practical sense the church is a business, and it relies on it’s church members to keep running.

I’ve heard people arguing against paying tithes because all you’re doing is paying the…

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