The enemy has a way of trying to keep me from productively living out here! The level of “distractions” I’ve encountered these past few weeks (past few WEEKS, not days, WEEKS!) is ridiculous.

I’ve been distracted from things that matter to me – from my writing, school work, household tasks I want to accomplish, keeping in touch with people I care about… and most importantly, my faith! My hope is to always keep God as the focus of my attention, to keep my eyes on Him, and lately I have even been distracted from the most important thing in my life!

I find that when I am going strong in my faith and with my “praise & prayer” lifestyle, I am unstoppable. I have my priorities together, I am focused, I get things accomplished, and I feel good! These past few weeks have found me lacking in interest in school, not feeling like doing ANYTHING in my home, and struggling with my prayers and study of the Word! I usually call my parents daily, but lately I’m like… when is the last time I talked to my mama??? And check this: I completed my 30 Days to Center challenge on June 8th… I was suppose to write about it the very next day, yet I never got to it (prayerfully, it will happen soon)!

Those darn distractions!

While praying this morning, I got such a necessary word from God. You see… when we resolve to focus on God and move more purposefully in our godly living, the enemy attacks. The devil doesn’t want us being near to God and living in His light, thus he does what he can to distract us and make us feel negatively. I notice how distracted I’ll become when trying to pray, versus watching TV. Truly… it is a headache.

The devil is the most “hatingest” hater out there. Let me be great!!!!

So am I just complaining about it? No… the most important part here is what has enabled me to write about it: I recognize it. I recognize this for what it is. These negative and even depressive moods are an attack. These distractions are an attack. This flighty-funk I experience at times, is an attack. The enemy is after what God has in store for me: that is the truth.

What now: fight like heck to focus on what matters. I heard once that even if you don’t truly understand it, or your not 100% there in it, do it: read the Word, listen to your praise tunes, and surround yourself with godly things. I’d rather read a children’s prayer verbatim from google than go a day without being in some type of communication with God – and I’ll tell Him, “Lord God, I’m struggling”. At least in this, we are engaging and purposely opening our hearts to God.

And maybe you don’t get it… maybe your not feeling it. That is ok, but if you get it, and you feel the same at times: keep pushing forward. Our feelings are so fickle and unreliable, that we cannot take them as indisputable facts/truths. Our feelings are subject to change, and so we will get through whatever they bring our way!

On a positive note: distractions are a good sign that you are on the right path toward what God has in store for you… why else would the enemy fight so hard to distract you???

Stay focused. My motto: Focus on Him! Keep your attention focused on God and EVERYTHING ELSE will fall into place, on time and with ease. Another of my mottos: I got this, ’cause God got me. It’s been an interesting few weeks, but alas – it is high time to get back to what matters!

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  1. Nicely penned
    Stay wealthy healthy safe and happy


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