I’ll love the hell out of you… really.

I had a thought a little over a week ago…
My thought: You have to love the hell out of people sometimes.
It started with my pastor saying those very words. One day he told us that some people are just hellions, or just full of hell-ish foolery, and all you CAN do… is love that hell right out of them.
And it is true. Sometimes people really ARE just full of hell… and negativity, and anything else you can think of that really AIN’T of God. We can look at a person and think, “they are just terrible”… that happens sometimes. But we cannot leave it at that. You have to come back at that thing with the ONE thing that can break those hellish things down: LOVE.

One word: love – it has the power to transform. One name: Jesus Christ – He has all the power in His hands. How about this: Jesus is love. And He teaches us to be like Him in loving unconditionally. At some point or another, you may just have to go ahead and love all of that nastiness out of someone.
And that love comes in a multitude of forms. At times you may have to let people go and let them be how they are… let them go and love them from afar. At times you’ll need to be harsh and your love will have to be forceful; an empathetic confrontation may be needed (or a good old “calling out”), all done from a place of love. At times, your love has to be gentle and coaxing… you have to show, or expose, people (to) something they may have never had, changing their perspective on what it means to truly be loved and cared for. This changes their hearts and minds…

You have to do what is best for that person, in that moment, but you MUST do it with love, from a place of love, and in a way where love is evident.

It may take time… it may take space and distance… it may take patience… but it will work. Love can break through any barrier and tear down any stronghold. Love is a force to be reckoned with. Love is strong enough to tear down strong towers.

Remember… sometimes, you literally just have to love all the hell out of people.

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