How Are You?


Let’s talk about today… yesterday… last week… life.

How are you?

How was your day? How has any day been, really?

We’ve had a different view of our days these past few months, with this coronavirus “wreaking havoc” on what we consider the “norm”. There have been so many changes to how we do “life” (I mean that just the way I said it).

And now, it seems that many people are just back to “normal” so quickly in so many places. Hair and nail appointments, barbershop visits, block parties, beach rendezvous… it almost seems like over 92,000 (per google) people haven’t died in the past few months… almost.

So really, how are you?

I’ll tell you how I am.

I think about this coronavirus… and I am confronted with so many feelings. I am overwhelmed with grief for the lives lost; sadness and hurt for those who have lost loved ones and others; frustration AND gratitude for the essential workers who have been pushed beyond reason; anger and  disappointment toward the executive office, those selfish and greedy business owners, and selfish leadership; appreciation for communities and people coming together; thanks for the time together afforded to families; more appreciation toward companies fighting for their employees; relief for those blessed with financial stability, and empathy for those experiencing lack…

But mostly, I just feel a sense of love for God. My home has been so blessed. I have been able to continue with life “as usual”. I have been “joined at the hip” with my husband (who, along with most of his unit, has been quarantined from work) at every step and enjoyed every moment of it. I have lost familymy loved ones have lost people dear to them, yet I still see a silver lining in this, and it is everything to me. God has not abandoned us, so we still have hope… we still have an upside in all of this.

Some days are bound to be rough; people are facing new situations in their lives that are truly testing them. While many may find themselves overwhelmed by how blessed they have been, many people are drowning… utterly turmoiled. I read about a teenage girl who lost her father to the virus on I believe a Thursday… the same paramedics team was there on the Tuesday that her mother succumbed to it.

We were not ready for this. People dying, job loss, businesses failing, families pushed to breaking points… we were not ready. But… we’re getting through it. In the past few months, I’ve seen more post about the power of God and trusting in God, than I’d seen in about a year. That is an upside. People are turning their hearts back to Christ.

Why did this happen?

I don’t know. I don’t have an answer… but I have a prayer and a praise. I’ll use that.

Well… with all that off my chest… I guess you know how I feel.

But… it’s still important for me to know… how are you?

Care matters. Ask someone how they are. Text, call, chat, Zoom… however you do it… do it. Three simple, meaningful words: how are you?

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