A New Journey

Yesterday I started a journey

rewind… here’s some background:

I watched a relatively remarkable woman document a “challenge” she’d decided to undertake on Instagram. I watched for the course of about a month, as she spent 30 days journeying to her center. I was drawn to her “challenge”, but I didn’t really look into it until… another relatively dope woman (a friend of the originator of the “challenge”) also decided to undertake this same “challenge”. So I’m scrolling along, and I see that she posted on Instagram a photo of her “Intimacy Day”. The photo she posted was so raw… it drew me… and I decided then to go back to the remarkable woman’s page and really look at her “challenge”Later, I sent her a message, inquiring about her “30 Days to Center” “challenge”. Notice how challenge has been in quotes each time I typed it… because what I thought was a simple challenge, is anything but… The remarkable young woman responded to me, saying that the challenge started randomly but is very God-driven. She said she just made it up, and let her focus lead the way. She said that it was MY journey and it was about what centeredness means to me. She continued telling me about her experience with it and giving me tips about completing it. I loved when she said, “it’s always the perfect time to tune in”.

I did some self-searching and internalizing, and knew without a doubt that this would be a necessary journey for me to undertake. I also knew that I didn’t want to call it a challenge… It just didn’t seem like a challenge. I was genuinely excited about this. I selected a start date, and listened to the Spirit when topics of focus popped into my head. I’ve decided simply to refer to it as a journey… that is exactly what it is, a journey. I am so excited about it.

Yesterday, I started a journey.

I am thrilled about this journey.

For 30 days, I will journey to my center. I am only two days in, and I FEEL different. I am emotional over this journey; I am hopeful. I know this is something that will bring me a greater sense of spiritual- and self-awareness. I am looking forward to what more I will learn about myself and my God. 

I am so excited about this journey, I decided to share it.

I pray to give a detailed account of my 30 Days to Center once completed. 

This will be something amazing, I feel it. 


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