Back at it… again.

I have been back and forth about what to do with my blog. I mean, really… does anyone read it? And if so, do they like it? I hadn’t made a new post in like… over a year…WELL over a year. Tonight, I asked my husband (who is an avid blogger) if I should get rid of my site. He said, “yeah… if you don’t use it.”

I replied, “But I get sad when I think about letting go of it…”

He then said, “well, maybe it isn’t time to let go of it.”

Maybe it isn’t time to let go of it. Perhaps someone out there needs to come across my site and be able to relate to someone else in the world. Perhaps I just need the outlet. Either way, the subscription shall be renewed.

I want to write more. I want to change the trajectory of my blog. I want to share more. I have grown tremendously; I will share my journey in faith, weight-loss, my career, and in life in general.

I want to share my imagination too. There are times where I will have a story, scenario, just some snippet of something in my mind, and I’ll think to myself… I should write that down. I’ll share a bit of that side of myself too.

My husband was right. It isn’t time. I’m entering Chapter 30 of my life and I’m setting a goal for myself right now: I’ll write weekly (and prayerfully it will help me in my growth).

Lets see where this goes.

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