Just a rant on womanhood…

It’s like it is women’s internal and eternal c(o)urse in life to take back men who dont deserve it. I was just thinking about a women, pretty decent woman, seems like a really good woman, does really great work on my hair type of women, who broke down in front of me because she had been so burden and buried by her husbands lack of support and typical male stupidity, along with his pain in the ass children who gave her help. She wept about the horrors of step-motherhood paired with the pain of being married to a man who is childish, oblivious, lacks common sense, has a shitty attitude, is rude, can be just plain mean, and again, doesn’t support her or pay attention to anything that isn’t concerning his immediate cares/wants.

I get it girl. What woman doesn’t get it???

But here is the thing. It seems like all men can be this way and all women can have a bad habit of repressing and ignoring and letting go and moving on and even worse, coddling, enabling his shitty attitude.

What got to me what after her meltdown, she messaged me a few days later to say that she was changing her schedule because they were going on a trip, the same trip she talked to me about that he was upset about her not planning after she literally could not plan it because he didnt take the time off work like he said he would…. the fuck?

It wasnt that she was going, it wasnt that she was changing her schedule. It was that she was doing it now anyway after all that, and I got it. I understood. After all that it’s still the wife’s job to be a wife.

It pained me because I’d been in her position before when I’d been just dating and even with my husband.

It made me think…. it made me really think.

Women are really a special brand of people. What man would forgive a woman who hurt him constantly, who was selfish and didnt put him first they way he did her, who only thought of himself, was childish and immature, who had a shitty attitude with him at the drop of a dime…. what man would still stand by that woman’s side and give him unconditional love.

I’m sure he exists somewhere, but he is in the very limited percentile of men who are mature enough to be called men.

I think the issue is that men mature slowly, and then they find women willing to take care of them, which makes the process even slower. Maybe?

I’m not an expert though, just a woman who has seen women endure the pains of womanhood for over 20 years now….

I don’t know… I’m just ranting my thoughts. Don’t mind me.

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