The Majority

I hate this idea that the majority can’t be changed because it’s the majority…

I once heard someone say that the majority is that because there are too many of them and things will never change for minorities, so they have accepted the way it is…
while I understand the pov……
I feel like…………….
ok, lions and flies right, flies are clearly the majority – but does the freaking lion bow to the fly? Does the lion change its ways because the fly said so – not unless its a thousand flies against one lion!
Where am I going with this? Excellent question!!!
Don’t accept a darn thing.
Change how you think and what you do.
Unite with like-minded people and surround yourself with people who can bring you up. Try to uplift those who need to be lifted.
Don’t conform or bow to anyone beneath you.
– racism is a fly. Be a lion.

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