My Boo-Thang, named Mama

So lemme tell you about my boo, my 1 thang, my heart, my confidant, one of my best friends in this world… probably my bestest friend in this world… my gift from God, my warrior, my hero, my lady…..

My mommy!

Now I am not doing this because she accidentally discovered my blog site and could be lurking at any given moment…

NO! (no seriously, I been wanting to write this for a minute, even before she started lurking)

I’m doing it because I want to talk about boo!!! I miss my mama. I MISS MY MOMMY.

I spent 10 weeks at basic and it was then I realize how much my mommy meant to me… because my heart skipped a beat when I saw her again. Now I am on an island, thousands of miles from her, and I have 30 days a YEAR to spend time with her.

Lets rewind…. where did the mama rant come from?

I have always been a daddy’s girl. I AM a daddy’s girl. I love my daddy unimaginably. I have an amazing daddy, and my daddy will always be my number 1 man, because he means everything to me.

(but this ain’t about him right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

… but I think the older I get, the more I learn to appreciate my mommy.

I have become somewhat of a daddy’s girl… and a mama’s girl.

I am growing into a woman, and the more I grow, the more I learn about the things it takes to be a woman… my mommy is a woman. Women are warriors dammit.

And I’ve learned that the best person to turn to for anything (besides my Creator, but my Creator is an entity of perfection, we are simply human) is my mommy… advise, tea sipping, ranting, pick me ups, permission to spend thousands of dollars! It’s all mommy.

And then I have learned things. I.. have… learned……. things…

The older I get, the more I see… the more open my eyes become… and I think 2 things are happening….. 1. the more I UNDERSTAND and 2. the more people choose to tell me things, or explain things, because I am at an age where, I am an adult, and if I ask a question it will be answered with honesty and transparency (especially with some of the relatives I have!).

Without going into detail… I learned a lot about my mommy and I think I understand the person she is more… and that person gets the fucking MVP award from me.

My mommy told me she is concerned with some of the things on my site… and my vulgar language…. had my mommy been anyone else, they would have got a big fat screw you, don’t read it then fucker!….

… but it was my mommy…. and so I became concerned… because she read all my post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She knows things now! She knows how often I use the word (or some variation of it) fuck!!!! I AM NO LONGER INNOCENT!

Ok fine, lets be real, I never been innocent, my mama ain’t no fool, she knows me…. but it was like she got a glimpse of a part of me that mothers don’t see! But in a way, it felt right, because I learned things about her too, things a daughter typically wont know because her mother doesn’t gripe or spill her business… she is a mother, which is what her daughter needs her to be.

So I learned about my mommy and she learned about me. I think it was a fair trade, even if she has no idea about it.

And so now I see my mommy, as a woman, as a lover, as a friend, as a sister, as a daughter, as a human, as my mommy. I SEE HER. She is a flawed, sometimes misguided, and often misunderstood HUMAN. She may not get mother of the year according to some people’s standards, but she get mommy of the universe by my account. She never abandoned me. She stood by me. She didn’t let the terrible things I may have done or said to her as a child make her love me any less. She did the best she knew how to by me.

My mommy spoiled me. She still spoils me. She spoils my friends because they are my friends and when she is around, she is everyone’s mama. She is a real mommy. She is the bomb.

She is my fucking heart.

I thank my God and Savior for the mommy I have. I am blessed. I am grateful, and when I pray, I pray for my family, and my parents, and I thank my Creator for my life because it is a blessed one.

My mommy is my blessing. She gives me joy and she makes me want to move mountains.

That is my fancy pants… my classy hoodrat… my elegant and poised thug… my boo.

I love my mommy. Ya’ll don’t hear me when I say that, ya’ll are not hearing me! I love that woman and dammit she deserves it!



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