Standing in God’s Sun.

I am…… overwhelmed. I am outdone. I am astonished. I am…. astounded.

Amazed. Blown away. And speechless.

I am humbled.

I am thankful.

I am in love.

I am grateful.

And it’s because of my Creator.

My God.

God. The Omnipotent. The Alpha and Omega. The One. God.

God loves me…. I am so humbled by that.

God created me. That makes God my Mother and Father. It takes everything in creation two separate parts, to create one life….. but God is capable of giving life alone. That makes God perfect to me.

{*** side note: I think we understand God to be HE, because we believe men to be the dominant sex, and thus it makes sense that God would be the dominant one, but that’s completely another conversation to be had ***}

Because my Creator found me worthy to be in ‘His’ image, worthy to stand in ‘His’ light, worthy enough for redemption… I will forever love ‘Him’.

Then, God sent me a Savior. God’s beloved son, our Lord and Savior.

God shed innocent blood for me. My Savior was willing to give that blood for me.
I am left speechless by this.

That kind of love is unthinkable.

I have faith.

I have an individual relationship with my Creator and Savior. The relationship I have with my God allows me to seek out better.

I work on myself through our relationship. I also gain knowledge, wisdom, consciousness, strength, and guidance in this relationship. My connection with God has shown me so much… {*** but I will not get into my personal faith and beliefs, or go into depth about what I think about “it all”… yet….. ***} I know that I believe my Creator. I believe and trust my Creator. I believe that I have been taught that I am one of the beautiful beloved and chosen ones.

I have been blessed by God, who I believe is also the Sun.

I believe the Sun is God loving on me all throughout the day.

I have been kissed deeply by God, and I have the proof… my skin has grown into Black gold from the kisses my God has given me.

From the love God has shown me, I have been blessed with perfection – my hair is perfection, my skin is perfection, my demeanor exudes perfection, and the millennia of African ancestry running through my veins is perfect.

God allows me to stand in ‘His’ presence to my hearts content, and that’s how I know I am ‘His’ child… because no child of God can stand in ‘His’ light and burn.




I am so grateful. I am so in love…. With God.



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