Climbing Mountains

I went on a hike.

I climbed up… and then down…. and entire mountain.

It took like 4 hours.
It was tiring, uncomfortable, muddy, steep, rocky….

And worth it.

I learned something so valuable from my first hiking experience…..
I can climb mountains. I can do anything I set my mind to.

I experienced a wide array of emotions during that hike….
I started off excited and ready, and the trail started off pretty decent minus the rocks everywhere. There was at least a trail right? Well, the type of trail where it just meant it was a path of the areas most people take… not a paved trail… but the further up we got the more I realized… this mountain was steep, and tall, and muddy.
I got tired… and I got frustrated… which led to me being in a pissy mood. A very pissy mood. I became physically worn! I was mad at the world, like it was ppppppiiiiissseeeddd! Even 30 minutes I was told, just 10 mins left, your almost there… at one point I was told we were just about a minute away…. 45 mins later…. it was still 10 mins to go.

I got to the top and quit. We had reached the last leg of the trip and I’d quit. Or at least I said 

I ain’t going. I’m done!

Then one of my companions said she would not leave me behind, and so I kept going. And I reached the top….

And I ate my snacks.

Prayed a prayer of gratitude.

Drank  a copious amount of water.

And then I hauled ass back down that mountain….
And I felt so good when I got to the bottom. I felt like I accomplished something amazing. I was so proud of myself.

It’s that feeling that I’m learning to hold on to… the sense of accomplishment. It’s driving me to be so much better and achieve things I would never have tried before.

I realized like…

I can climb mountains.

I am freaking awesome.



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