When you not paying attention in church….

Disclaimer: I’m not comparing people or saying one type of person is better than another. I’m commenting on how I understood the Sunday school lesson.

I’m sitting in church.

Not agreeing with the Sunday school lesson.

Not offended or put off…
Just disagreeing with the lesson.

What I’ve gathered from the lesson so far:
Children raised in the church will be good people. People not raised in the church grow up to be…. not so good people. (OR better said: Don’t grow up with the same ability to connect with their faith and God as those who grow up in the church.)

But that’s false.

I know people who grew up in church all their lives and they are the biggest….

Let me not say what I’m about to say…..

What’s another way to express this?

They are full of sin; just as full of sin as nonbelievers and believers who don’t have the same church background.
And sometimes they can be many times less concerned with living righteous lives than people who had been living in sin and are now trying to change.

I can think of a few people like that…

2 examples:

(I’m going to make up fake names because I can do that, it’s my blog)

A. Francis. Francis grew up in a church home. Francis went to church faithfully with his family. Francis learned to pray and praise God. Francis is a good man. Francis has a beautiful heart.
Francis is also a whoremonger (he is working on it though). Francis is addicted to things that prevent him from being 100% faithful to his wife. Francis has unfulfilled sexual desires and curiosities. Francis’ deadly sin is lust.
Francis is not a bad person… but he also is not as open to changing his life and letting God in as you would expect one who grew up in a church to be.
Francis has personal issues he needs to work through.
Francis’ wife struggles to help him because she doesn’t think he is ready for an adult life that is first and foremost devoted to God. Though Francis is a good person and has a beautiful heart… well….
Damn Francis. Damn.

B. Stacey. Stacey grew up in church. Stacey’s family was sanctified. Stacey’s family was holier than thou (sorry but they were). Stacey sang for the Lord and was married to God. Stacey went to college pregnant, by an engaged minister. Stacey had a baby. Stacey’s baby daddy got married. Stacey is alot more likeable now. Stacey doesn’t preach to others about their life choices. Stacey may have lost that leverage.

Now here are kids who grew up without the same spiritual guidance.

A. Kerry. Kerry grew up doing her own thing. Kerry’s mom had her out of wedlock. Kerry didn’t go to church much. Kerry was not super religious and she rarely discussed her faith. Kerry was and is far from perfect.
At some point along her college path, Kerry discovered or got in touch with her faith. Whatever happened changed Kerry. Kerry goes to church faithfully and she is full of the spirit, it’s in her walk and her smile. Kerry is blessed and she is a blessing to others. Many would be envious of Kerry’s life, but Kerry just counts it as blessings. Kerry is not perfect but she is touched by God that is apparent. Kerry is not better than anyone, that is not what I’m saying… but I am saying Kerry’s journey did not have a negative effect on her outcome.

B. Me! I am the furthest thing from perfect. (Let’s just make that perfectly clear). I grew up in a Catholic school and I can honestly say it did little to nothing for my faith. I did not attend church. My family does not attend church. Faith was never a big subject and when church or religion was brought up, it was sometimes met with criticism and skepticism. I was a 100% bona-fide heathen. HEATHEN! I was the type to pray occasionally when it was a benefit to me. I said I would go to church and I never went, I was many times too hungover to go. I was selfish and I didn’t like discussing religion or faith….. with anyone.
And then I moved to Hawaii.
And God called out to me… and I have been answering ever since.
I am still a sinner. I am still incomplete. I am still unworthy, but I am chasing God, I am seeking God, I am trying to change, and I am humbled by God’s love. By the Lord’s saving power. I think that I wouldnt have been able to be so open to my faith had I not been so long and lost without it.

I am not at all saying people who grow up in church grow up bad or turn bad. One of my best friends grew up in the church and she is one of thee most beautiful souls I know. Her family is a family of believers and if I may say so, they have some of the most angelic voices you have every heard!

I also know people who grew up without any faithful influences and they have no desire to get in touch with God.

But I don’t think that growing up in the church or having parents who teach you about faith means that you will grow up faithful.

Your parents’ righteousness don’t guarantee your righteousness.

Your parents’ lack of knowledge or religion (faith) during your childhood does not guarantee your lack of religion (faith) or knowledge as an adult.

I’m just saying…

I’m gonna start paying attention now… Bishop is showing out please and thank you Lord!

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  1. The point was that there isn’t a too young age to start teaching your child the bible. Even if someone was never taught the bible it doesn’t mean that they will never become a Christian but the outcome isn’t as much likely. Nothing bishop said meant that if you do this it will guarantee a certain result.


    1. But he it came off that if you teach your child religion early they will have the fundamentals to be good people which is why the good ones are the way they are. That’s not necessarily true tho because there are good people who grew up with no faith influences what so ever and they still find their faith, without parental influence. It came off to me like parents who raise their children in church and prayer are good parents and those who don’t are failing society.


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