My Love Affair with Music

Music is something that I can not live without. Literally.
Not because I’m a singer (God no). Not because I make beats (not even a little). I don’t create masterpieces of rhythm and rhyme and poetic bliss.

Its nothing like that.

I’m not the giver in my relationship with music…  I’m the taker.

I take all it can give me and then I look for more. I beg for more.  I crave more from music and I demand it give me more. But not just anything…. feeling; music makes me feel.

Feelings from joy to anger. Pain to pleasure. I go from deep thought and prophecy to throwing that ass in a circle. Utter joy and praise to utter emotional void.

Music sustains me. When I don’t want to be in the world anymore, and I want to be left alone. When I need to escape right now and go somewhere where nothing matters but what I feel at the moment, music takes me there.

God gave music to me as a gift. God had to… because nothing would make me feel like I would not function without it if it were not of God… so God gave it to me.
And I am grateful.

It takes me to places I would not have made it to alone…..
Places where “chasing your pretty thoughts” makes perfect sense because I can understand the emotion behind it… so when I hear “started to undress you with my wondering eyes, told myself you’d be gone by sunrise”……. I am beyond just hearing it or understanding it, but I’m experiencing it.

Sometimes we need that release too. Everyone has a something that they cant be without. For some people its music, for some its poetry. Art… Running… Dancing… that one thing, that drug, that they cant live without. Its there when you need it to take you away. For me, its music.

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