The little puppy…

There was a puppy.

A playful puppy.
A loving puppy.
A puppy who loved their owner with everything they had.

A puppy that forgave it’s master over and over for things he did.

One day the master hurt the puppy.

The master went out to a dog park and played with other dogs and puppies, without his puppy.
The puppy found out and was heart broken.
The puppy lost all hope that the master would ever love them the way they loved their master.
He told the puppy to relax. It was not a big deal.

The puppy was still hurt.

The master would try and spend extra play time with the puppy and kiss and hug the puppy more and more in an effort to…..
the puppy.
But they puppy was heartbroken and couldn’t trust the master anymore.

Sadly the master had a problem…. he liked other puppies too much. He still watched other puppies play and he still would look at buying other puppies when his puppy was home waiting for him to return.

The puppy always knew.

And so the puppy lost faith in the master.

The puppy tried hard to let go and believe the master, but the puppy couldn’t help but wonder if the master was looking at other puppies for sale when they weren’t around, or watching other puppies and playing with them, so when he came home to his puppy, he didn’t want to play anymore because he was tired.

The puppy felt like the master didn’t need them anymore, like he would never play with them or truly love them… like he only wanted to play with other puppies.

But when the puppy ran away… the master came and found her… every time.
And he brought the puppy back home, promising he really wanted his puppy, not the other ones…

But the puppy couldn’t help but wonder if the master was thinking of other puppies when they played or watching other puppies when they weren’t around…
The puppy tried to accept it and couldn’t. The puppy tried to run away and couldn’t.

The poor puppy doesn’t know what to do.

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