Valuing Security

ok…. so, is it ok for us to aspire to live full lives MINUS having a family?

I mean, I understand that with many people, having a spouse and children was not always an option, or maybe they tried it and found that it wasn’t for them… but wasn’t that at one point the objective?

I mean, maybe its just me but… I look forward to becoming a wife and

family 2

mother! I want a little chocolate me terrorizing my mama and daddy! I want numerous little chocolate me’s reigning terror over my family! That’s how it’s supposed to be I thought. I look forward to being a wife and taking care of my husband, being his support, his bestfriend, his partner in crime and his motivation.

Am I wrong for that?

I’m 25..ish…. years old and I think that I am at a good age to be thinking about my future.

Some people are not wired that way, and I get it!

I have a boyfriend completely opposite of me. He maybe wants to get married in his mid thirties (that’s about 10 years), and he doesn’t know if he wants kids…..

well what the fuck am I supposed to do????

You give your heart to someone in hopes that they wont break it but this is kind of a heart breaking situation right? Say I wait 10 years hoping he will decide he does want children and he does want to marry me? In 10 years what if he is like, “nah I’m good, no kids this way”… so I just wasted 10 years of my life?

Like I am not saying I want this RIGHT NOW, we have been dating like 6 or 7 months now right, and I feel like we are still getting to know each other (the difference of opinion on desiring a family being case in point) inside and out, but lets be honest here, after about 5 months, you have an idea on whether or not you think you can tolerate someone for the long haul or not………..

I envision my future like this:

  1. Her meets him
  2. Her and him date about 10 months to a year or so (after 2+ years, Her is probably going to be tired of Him’s fuckery)
  3. Her and him decide to commit to one another for EVER because THROUGH GOD’S WILL, Her and him have grown to love each other and decide they would rather not live without the other
  4. Her and him have a nice wedding and then proceed to partake in dummy missions and other married couple fuckery whilst enjoying being husband and wife
  5. Her and him decide after 2 or so years of marriage that they want little Hers and hims running around harassing the neighbors, so Her and him attempt and are blessed with little minions
  6. Her and him continue on in God’s path, growing old and feeble whilst cursing each other out over who drank the last of the prune juice.

Now while I acknowledge that the plan God has laid out for me may not be the one I am seeing in my head, does that mean I cant look forward to something along those lines?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a general plan… why cant I have high hopes for the future…

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